Prayer to Hekate

Lately I’ve been interested in Hekate, the Greek Goddess of magic, witchcraft, the new moon, and crossroads.  I have a small shrine set up for her with a drawing of a key (one of her symbols), a red mug for offerings (red is one of her colors), and a tall copper candleholder.  I currently don’t have a properly sized candle for the holder, but I plan on getting some soon.  Enjoy this short prayer I wrote.

Lady Hekate of the Crossroads
Open the floodgates of my soul
So that all the bad flows out
And positive change flows in.

Teach me the ways of magic  And acceptance of the night
For without the Dark
One cannot have Light.

Io Hekate!

Blessings of the Dark upon you, Rosemary


Posted on Saturday, January 4, 2014, in General. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I just wrote about heka, Egyptian magic. I think there may be a correlation between heka and Hekate. Greek you said? Hm. Heka may be a word that is Greek in origin and not ancient Egyptian.

    ~ Siofa

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